"Gratitud" Decorating the spaces in harmony, proportion, emphasis, rhythm and balance.

If you are looking for years of experience and relentless attention to detail, I am Alejandra D' Fuentes Interior Decorator dedicated to the transformation of spaces using the implements of personal well-being inside, around and outside each area making the spirit, body and mind find a balance with the soul that gives light, peace and harmony to the interior of each home. I am for you. Since 2006 I have had my license as an interior decorator, a family company dedicated to remodeling and construction and currently I have my own line of decorative elements and accessories under my signature GRATITUD. Author of the book GRATITUD from which the foundation of the Gratitude Mission was born, I offer style and sophistication to clients of Ciudad.I provide professional guidance throughout the design process and do not rest until I achieve total client satisfaction with the finished image. I believe that the little details make the biggest difference and understand that outstanding design is possible, no matter the budget.

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