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Sala de conferencias

Sonia Valdés


Cuban-American, Entrepreneur.


Sales Director, Successful in Marketing Networks.

She started the Foundation for the Support of Widows and Widowers, which helps the community, with Specialists, such as Psychologists and Psychiatrists in those difficult family moments. Certified in “Leadership”, she Breaks the Rules, Manages with Excellence and Execution; She prepares and initiates activities with themes of Management Behavior and Self-Help, Ms. Valdes participates as a Motivator in the Despierta América Program at (Univision) and Radio Stations in Miami.


She is invited by the Cuban Medical College as a lecturer, on the topic of the Illnesses having a positive attitude. Has been special a guest at the White House by the President and First Lady of the United States, George W. and Laura Bush.


She hast implemented new strategic plans, taking a new direction in managerial innovation. Specialist in strategic relationships and alliances with many different companies. She teaches Sales and Motivation Seminars, Ambassador of I Change Nations, World Christian organization. Vice-President of Sales Memorial Plan. President of the Christian Latin Chamber of Dade County. Sonia Valdés has received World Leadership Recognition and a Doctorate in Ministry, Author of the book. “En que Basas tu Éxito”. ’On which you base your success’ Currently President of the Miami Kingdom Lions Club.

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