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The Hispano-American Network for Community Development and Entrepreneurship is positioning the Spanish-speaking entrepreneur at a social level, projecting the best references of their skills, talents, image and services through the USAGC DIGITAL PUBLISHING digital advertising platform, with the support and collaboration of the promoting institution. in integral development and social projection FVE Community.


Alejandra Fuentes

Writer, Publicist, Social Promoter and Master Business Coach. She especialized in Women's Leadership, Business Entrepreneurship and Project Development.

ADF Enterprises of Florida also Identifies it as its Firm (ADF) Attitude Development and Training, Advisor in different areas of development and Promoter of the Global Movement of Social Leaders (FVE) Fundamentals, Values, Success, has the purpose of serving through its Comprehensive Development Organization - FVE COMMUNITY, established in 2017 in the City of Miami Fl, to create awareness and unite leaders and develop projects that support human dignity and solidarity work in the community. She is also dedicated to promoting the importance of identifying those who are worthy and worthy of recognition for their exemplary work, solidarity and vocation of service; She founding for this the Gratitude Award for Human Excellence.

Projecting Foundations and Values for Success

  • Personal

  • Social

  • Business

We inspire people to keep going

Love to #redfve? Good news!

Recognizing their talent, promoting their trajectory and promoting their image with the best references in the community and providing them with a digital advertising platform, to achieve effective communication, connection and expansion, we create personalized content strategically designed to launch advertising and promotion with an innovative marketing that It encourages them on a social level, helps them to position their services and of course obtain greater opportunities to develop their maximum potential to grow in the personal, social and business area.

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