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Hello, I am Oscar Puig, your neighbor and a long-time resident of our City. I moved to Miami 38 years ago with my mother, my brother, and my sister. Then in 2000, I moved to Doral with my wife, Deidre, and my children, Patrick and Diego. Since then, Doral has been our home. It has been the place where my children have gone to schools, where we have forged friendships, where we have bought our first home, and where we have built our businesses.

Throughout my time here, I have developed a deep interest in city services and community involvement in Doral. I have become a community activist, serving as the president or board member of many civic organizations, including One Doral, Doral Community Council, Doral Community Foundation, Doral City Attorney Selection Committee, Doral Economic Development Advisory Board, and Doral Charter Review Commission. These experiences led me to be one of the fortunate residents who founded the City.

Today, with the support of my family, friends, and neighbors, I am dedicated to serving as part of the Doral City Council. By earning the privilege of winning the position, I am committed to continuing to grow with the City and our residents. I will also continue to be a voice and activist for our residents, seeking solutions to problems affecting our city and working to improve our high quality of life.

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