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Painter, Sculptor, Poet, creator of art in various forms, art was born with him since he was a child, he was interested in the plastic arts, self-taught, creative, personal, prolific, he has produced more than 15,000 works in different techniques and support, he has participated in more than 80 samples, individual, collective and international. Who, like Moscoso, to print love, make flow the torrent of art that he carries within, vitality, expressive, creative, artistic, and spiritual force, was born with him and does not stop, flows, emerges, and germinates, and begins to emerge. his entire personal world, unique to those who admire him, mark him, immerse him, and there it is difficult to get out of his world. "True art speaks for itself." Master infinity of techniques, series, own style, unique, personal, and unrepeatable. Numerous personalities and art critics have issued criteria for his great art, his creations evolve, propose new challenges, and he is always creating new series, unlike other artists, who repeat great geniuses like Picasso, broke paradigms, and created series one after the other. other. and they gave the best of creating it, Moscoso has already been recognized countless times and has received awards. He has participated in workshops with great masters: his pictorial work, poetry, and other artistic endeavors, which, with his love, wants to infect us with his joy and positivism in this world full of problems. I have not been participating in salons and biennials of painting, because there are a series of events that do not seem ethical to me, although I do not rule out in the future participating in international salons when I believe it appropriate, I have to. He tells us: "In my painting light melts into lyrical flashes of poetry and color as if they wanted to embrace the universe" "True art evolves, transforms everything in its path, it is energy itself in constant motion, flowing towards love.".