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Johnny G. Farias


Holds an A.S. in political science from Miami Dade College (2010). He has been an active community member thru many organizations, such as Centro Campesino (Board Member), Liga Ecuatoriana de Florida (member), South Dade Democratic Black Caucus-Ron Brown Chapter (member), Shriners, Scottish Rite, and a Mason. He also sits on several EESAC Boards; Everglades Preparatory High School and McArthur Senior High. He was a Guardian ad Litem from 2006 to 2012 and a Girl Scout Leader for twelve years (1993 – 2006).


Mr. Farias served as a Miami-Dade Community Councilman for District 15 Subarea 154 and was elected to the position of vice chair by his peers. As councilman, he held forums on many issues and concerns of the district he serves, such as transportation, jobs, crime, and housing. Comments on existing legislation that places a burden on the residents. Worked with legislators on HB 571 the study of the elimination of jobs due to artificial intelligence (AI). Also, worked with several county commissioners on acquiring a wheelchair swing for a park and on a resolution to have nurses considered first responders. In 2010, he was endorsed by Naples News as the “People’s Candidate”


He considers himself to be a goal-oriented person with high expectations for himself and his community. A dedicated individual who welcomes challenges and does not back down when times get difficult. He brings to the table a lot of heart and true-life experience and determination of the common person, worker and family man.


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