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Gustavo Garagorry


Gustavo Garagorry. Legislative analyst for government officials who monitor and analyze the activities and new policies established by local, state, and federal governments. I focus on particular types of legislation, such as that dealing with local community issues and international trade issues, like all legislation that affects the municipal government.


My primary duty as a Legislative Analyst is to follow and examine legislation initiatives that affect our city and community staff and provide detailed reports on how the legislation will influence the activities of the organization. This may require extensive research, meetings with government officials and executives, and contacting outside experts to request additional information. In some cases, you could work with members of the government before a resolution or ordinance is proposed or passed, providing information and insight that will influence the shape of the bill.


Communication is a key duty. In some cases, I may be asked to testify before committees to present your employer's response to new bills or laws. Also contact government officials, lobbyists, and members of the public with questions about the legislation. I am responsible for organizing meetings and conferences or organizing official visits of legislators to the organization. They are also expected to be experts and aware of developments and changes in government and budget processes and the area they are analyzing. I will generally accomplish this by attending conferences, meetings, and seminars, and traveling to program sites when necessary.

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