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We celebrate mothers month gratitude for the opportunity to gestate life.

Gratitude Mission, founded by divine inspiration to support the promotion of social and universal values ​​that allow integrating and developing superior talents and joining forces to promote our society based on the action of principles



Work with the gift of kindness, solidarity and mutual cooperation to which humanity is called, promote and project social values ​​and humanitarian action for a dignified and just life as a community. To be leaders of our home, family, company and social life who lead by example.



Based on the principles of love. We promote expressions and manifestations of Gratitude, such as the fundamental action and attitude of good communication and coexistence in our relationships with others, strengthening personal, social and business development.​


MISSION Recognize talent and cooperation through service to expand the legacy of an exemplary community in action under the principles and as a first value the action and manifestation of social gratitude.​



Fulfill the mission "social force", through personal transformation. Each one fulfilling the action and manifestation can inspire and carry out their own life mission, loving others. Contributing our knowledge, experiences and testimonies through a worthy spiritual life.

Gratitude Mission, we thank all the virtual media, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, commissioners, community leaders, ambassadors, arts guilds and authorities of the different cities at the local, national and international level to whom we have awarded GRATITUDE AWARD and from whom We have received multiple awards.



+ 1 7864475234


Free entry to the event on May 27 at the Barnes & Noble bookstore with any of the gift purchases for mom. The gift will be delivered on the day of the event with the Author's signature and in a special package. Limited Edition Gratitude Gifts can only be purchased during the run-up to the Mom's Gratitude event.

Expression Creativity and Design Gratitude Gift

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