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Humphrey Humberto Pachecker also called in the academic field Doctor Humphrey Humber Pachecker and, in the field of culinary art he was called Chef Humberto Pacheco Cárdenas.

Recent data for 2020 we can verify that he is: President of the AICAC-HR Court of Washington DC. Commissioner General for Human Rights and Brigadier General. He is also: Vice President of the International Law Committee of the FLC of the 'American Bar Association' “ABA”.

We also note that he is the founder in 1993 of NAFA LAW, the National Association of Foreign Lawyers of Florida; also, founder in 2004 of the UNPAM Homologation University, also known as “People University of the Americas” “P.U.A.” for its acronym in English; and by its acronym in Spanish "U.N.P.A.M." ["University of the Peoples of America"]. Originally founded by the Orthodox Catholic Church in Puerto Rico in 1967.

Dr. Pachecker's main ideal has been to achieve "reciprocity with equal opportunities between foreign lawyers and professors with lawyers and professors in the United States"; First with the creation and founding in 1993 of NAFA LAW. [We write the word "lawyer" for women and men]. Since that year, progressively, the Sociology of Education has seen great advances in homologation and reciprocity between jurisdictions of foreign lawyers and jurisdictions of lawyers in the United States, something that Dr. Pachecker never abandoned as an illustrious but real dream.

In fact, today in 2020 in the United States there are already 32 States that have this rule of admission by reciprocity with homologation, most without the foreign lawyer having to take an admission test [with the exception of the states of Utah and Pennsylvania must take and pass the MPRE exam]. In addition, the same rule of admission by reciprocity with homologation also exists in a Territory annexed to the United States, this is 'Virgin Islands of the United States', to add a total of 33 judicial jurisdictions of the United States which admit the foreign lawyer and professor to practice law and teaching in one way or another limited, but all offering equal opportunities through the merit and effort of people, far from any social conditioning. 


Precisely, Dr. Pachecker thinks that one of the tasks that NAFA LAW has set itself since 1993 is to collect these various dimensions referred to in order to achieve homologation and reciprocity in all States and all jurisdictions in the United States and internationally.

Dr. Pachecker believes that even when there are doubts in this line of education, in the usual work on higher education policy and on academic failure in many international and local universities inside and outside the United States, theories of education to they are often taken for granted; social justice badly mixed with leftist ideologies by hundreds of leftist North American teachers indoctrinating their students without respecting the true foundations of higher education without analyzing concrete practices of democracy, without referring to such questions.

In the ESTUDIA Congress, created by Dr. Pachecker in 2002, sponsoring the reestablishment of the UNPAM and, sponsored by NAFA LAW, and in several “Symposiums of Legal Analysis for the future of Cuba” that have been promoted annually and then including topic for "the future of Venezuela"; Dr. Pachecker repeatedly pointed out that this gap in "left liberal and revolutionary" college education is due to various shifts in political attitudes internationally.

A 2015 poll by the Pew Research Center, a think tank, found that 24% of Americans with a college degree held liberal positions consisting of a variety of political issues, including government performance, the social safety net, the environment and immigration: a 5% increase two decades ago. For those who had studied in graduate school, the figure was 31%. Of Americans without a college degree, only 5% held such liberal views.

The marked radical anti-communist attitude has been present in all of Dr. Pachecker's campaigns. Professor, lawyer with several publications, one in the form of "memoirs" entitled "The universe of the immigrant," an autobiographical narrative with an emphasis on Cuban anti-communism and anti-Castroism. Likewise, Dr. Pachecker has established several precedents of laws, state and federal, the most notable that he considers was in 2004 winning a lawsuit against former dictator Fidel Castro and the Communist Party of Cuba- lawsuit filed in the District Courts Florida Federal ".

NOTE: Dr. HUMPHREY H. PACHECKER has expressed and thanks the "American Bar Association" for this deference, a show of respect and courtesy.

NAFA, National Association for Foreign Attorneys
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