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Dennis Fuentes


With more than 25 years of experience in remodeling, construction and carpentry, has worked in collaboration with multiple companies and created his own portfolio of clients.


His greatest letter of representation is the references of his clients,

Dennis Fuentes, is more than a contractor, is the friend and advisor to each of his clients; His multiple knowledge experiences and professionalism in the field of construction, remodeling and design of interior and exteriors to transform the spaces of real estate properties are widely extended in ideas.

His priority is to keep his clients fully updated in the best decisions at the moment, giving clientes time to buy materials, to build or remodel your spaces.


Specialist in first-class care, organization, and transparency. Dennis Fuentes offers services and advice through his company “Idea Under Construction” which is within the reach of every budget, offering quality workmanship, labor, and material. We are a team of committed and responsible workers.

If you really want to make an exclusive transformation, “Idea Under Construction” is YOUR BEST CHOICE.

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