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Editor and proofreader of books on different topics, maintaining that link between the experiences of my teaching life up to the present, to be better at what I do, be it writing, as a top-level consultant and / or business advisor. As a businesswoman, in my specialties or knowledge, Human Resources, Business Administration and Senior Management, Training, Coaching, Public Speaking, Social Communication, Marketing, Social Media, CM. Advertising and of course professional Press in written press. radio, tv, digital magazines. Informational products and services. International Entertainment Entrepreneur. Geo-Politics, Politics and International Political Analyst. The arts in their different manifestations. Philanthropist


Founder Creator Owner of The World Press Agency -, International Marketing & Advertising Productions - Cristina Barcelona & Asociados A.E.I.P OnLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL (High International Studies and Social Projection) and Xploralya, Exponential medium for senior management in tourism and travel, specialized press. Creator and Founder of other companies that I also sponsor. Strategic Societies or Commercial and Professional Alliances, my social vocation prevailing, my driving force and motive. It is also associated with important foundations in America and Europe.


Cultural diversity, ethnic styles and areas of life are part of my team with whom I communicate in the different languages I know: English, French, Spanish, Catalan. That of music, of feeling, as well as the language of the businessman, the leader, the entrepreneur and the ordinary citizen or worker. I allow myself to put myself in the shoes of others.


My master vision of life, my great gift of creativity sustained by my knowledge and experiences continue to open doors for me to meet more and more interesting people. Always working on great projects in incredible companies.
The magic for me happens when someone says to bet on me and puts himself at my disposal and commits me to guide him and work by his side and by his side, learning together from whatever his sector is, whether in the private or public sphere within the country as out around the world.


Shaping our lives: “Assume with full responsibility the fundamental values with which we must live and the importance of self-knowledge and self-control in leadership, going through the personal development phase of awakening that motivates me to fulfill my potential mission. for what we really want, taking the initiative to discover, develop and deliver our skills to the world. "
Regardless of my professional training, which is of a high level, being a social activist taught me more about leadership that I came to reinforce as a businesswoman, because of my responsibility with my team that any university could not teach me in a lifetime. I say this under the absolute conviction and knowledge that I know what was and is possible for me. My great passion to help without discrimination of any kind in any plane of life, from the top of the business field to the individual. My purpose continues and will continue to be one: “To improve and for EXCELLENCE.

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