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Cesar Torero


Cesar has more than 30 years of experience in the field of camera and video production. Three years ago, he ventured into the wonderful world of film directing with his film “Dynamite.” He has been able to develop a career both in his native Peru and here in the United States. His experience is multifaceted and eclectic. His lens has witnessed political and war situations, and he has worked with well-known Latin American celebrities filming soap operas and doing photo shoots for models, has done work for major networks in the United States and Peru, and has completed a large number of independent tasks.


The life of César Torero unfolds between sets and great events, between famous scenes and artists from film and television, but still with all that glamor around him, his humility and simplicity in his personal stamp. He has dedicated much of his work to raising awareness in the world about poverty and the suffering of peoples.


César Torero never thinks twice about helping someone, just as one day they helped him. Positivity and faith are part of his personality and these aspects he shares with all his friends and acquaintances. He says that there is not a day when he does not entrust himself to God, because only in this way things turn out at the moment and with the necessary satisfaction.


César Torero is a kind and talented man, who does not forget his humble roots, but with his eyes always on top of the world, because he never accepts a NO, for an answer. He currently has his own company called ‘’ Torero Pictures. ’’ Where he serves as director of the Company.


We could spend hours listening to so many anecdotes of his life and important stories in the history of Latin America that César Torero has lived and captured with his lens. Stories worthy of a novel and even a Hollywood movie.