Alejandra D ’Fuentes, Entrepreneur - Designer - Author - Publicist - Master Business Coach with NLP - International Life Coach - Defender of Human Rights AICAC. Community Leader Promoter.

Alejandra Fuentes leads a Socioeconomic Cultural Tourism movement through the Hispano-American Network for the Development of Community Entrepreneurship that promotes her Institution Community Foundations with Values ​​for Success, her work is based on the values ​​to promote exemplary community leadership through collective action and social responsibility generating a positive and exemplary impact at the institutional and organizational level;  as models are multidisciplinary work, cooperation and citizen participation, the objective of it is to promote programs for different areas of development and provide evolutionary projects projected towards the community.


With his dedication, he has managed to unify and bring together people from different social unions, the production of events is one of the main sustainable activities of which today opportunities and reliable services are established for the community, has concluded the digital online platform for help promote the Profiles of its members and affiliated businesses by offering a cooperation program to promote and project the image and services of the Spanish-speaking merchant, organizations, independent businessmen and entrepreneurs in the city of Miami F L.


 Its objective is to create unity and cultural inclusion at the social and business level within an exemplary multicultural community and expand the fundamentals and values ​​at the local, national and international levels.


Alejandra Fuentes is an excellent social communicator, working to create local and international communication and connection links and project protocol relationships at the municipal level.  Recognized by the City of Miami Dade, City of Medley Fl and Distinguished Educational Organizations and Institutions, her goal is to share her knowledge, experiences, and skills to strengthen leadership and exemplary service in the community, founder of the Gratitude Mission and Gratitude Award, has as  goal to carry globally a legacy of recognition to people for their valuable spirit of cooperation, solidarity, kindness and services in the performance of their social skills, as it advises its vision is personal, social and business development.


Through his Gratitude Book, his vision and mission were inspired and revealed gratitude applies a model of generosity, kindness, and trust with the community that helps everyone to drive their rapid growth as human being ready to push each other towards success with a solid Moral Base that can leave a legacy that will last over time to strengthen future generations.